House specials

Gyoza $6.50

Pork dumplings, served either steamed or panfried.


Tatsuta age $6.00

Tender fried chicken seasoned in a Japanese marinade


Negimayaki $7.50

Thinly sliced beef rolled around scallions and charbroiled


Assorted dumplings $7.50

Assortment of shumai, gyoza and spring rolll


Wasabi dumplings $6.50

Pork and shrimp dumplings, served steamed or fried.



Edamame $6.00

Boiled salted young soy beans.


Age dofu $5.50

Deep fried bean curd, topped with scallions


Vegetables tempura $6.95

Assorted vegetables, fried in a light batter.


Vegetables spring rolls $6.00

Deep fried crispy spring rolls


 Garlic and anchovy edamame $7.50

Chopped anchovy, EVOO


Roasted zucchini $6.50

Garlic miso butter, truffle oil.



Tempura $7.95

Your choice of either shrimp or fish, deep fried in a light batter.


Broiled spicy mussels $9.95

Broiled and topped with spicy tobiko sauce.


Broiled spicy scallops $9.95

Fresh sea scallops, broiled and topped with spicy tobiko sauce.


Japanese whole squid $10.95

Charbroiled, served with teriyaki or garlic soy sauce.


 Mini fish tacos $9.95

Fried cod, Asian slaw.


Crab meat tacos $10.95

Lump crab, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, fish eggs



Miso shiru $2.50

Japanese soy bean soup, served with tofu and scallion.


Spicy seafood soup $11.95

Salmon, shrimp, clams and vegetables in a spicy broth.


Japanese style clear soup $5.50

Clams and sliced shitake mushroom in a clear broth.


Spicy seafood bouillabaisse $11.95

Shrimp, salmon, clams and cod in a creamy red miso broth.



House salad $4.50

Served with either ginger or soy vinaigrette dressing.


Spicy seaweed salad $5.95

Green seaweed coated with spicy sesame oil.


Hijiki $5.95

Sauteed black seaweed and carrots simmered in a light soy sauce.


Sunomono $10.95

Assorted sashimi drizzled with ponzu sauce.


Yoshida salad $5.50

Daikon, seaweed, cucumber, crab meat tossed with soy vinaigrette

Topped with spicy mayonnaise.


Carpaccio $12.95

Your choice of tuna or albacore, thinly sliced

Served with wasabi vinaigrette.


Seafood or octopus salad $9.95

Assorted fish or octopus with daikon, seaweed, cucumber and crab meat.

Served with soy vinaigrette.


Hawaiian tuna salad $10.95

Diced tuna and cucumbers, tossed in sesame vinaigrette.


Avocado salad $7.50

Served with soy vinaigrette.


Yellow tail with yuzu pepper sauce 


Ceviche $11.95

Shrimp, sea bass, octopus, tomato and cilantro in a spicy lime dressing.


Salmon and avocado tartare $12.00

Thinly sliced fresh salmon in avocado cup, served with creamy garlic vinaigrette.


Tuna tartare $10.95

Thinly sliced fresh tuna in avocado cup, served with creamy garlic vinaigrette.