Korean style pork belly $12
Sauteed with cabbage, sweet and spicy red miso sauce.
Pork Kebab $14.00
Grilled and topped with cilantro, red onion and cherry tomato, served over tortillas.
Kimchi Bulgogi $14
Thinly sliced beef sauteed with kimchi.
Japanese summer noodle $16
Japanese angel hair pasta, seaweed, cucumbers, scallion, crab meat and shrimp tempura.
Seafood Ramen $22
Shrimp, clams, mussels and squid, served with light tonkotsu broth.
Hamachi kama $8.95
Salt or teriyaki.
Sichuan style pork dumplings $7
Pork dumplings served with sweet and spicy sesame sauce.
Traditional soy 
Spicy miso
Poke $16
Tuna , salmon, yellow tail jalapeño 
Fried jumbo shrimp with jalapeño $12
Served over house salad and aurora sauce.