Shrimp and grits $16
Roasted jalapeño, chard corn and red onion, truffled brown butter.

Fried fresh red snapper $12
Cajun aioli.

Fresh red snapper $16
Duglere sauce. (Onion, shiitake mushroom and tomato)

Softshell crab w/ garlic lemon butter $22
Served with pasta and tomato.

Softshell crab w/ garlic fried rice $22
Served with yu rin chi sauce.

Sichuan style pork dumplings $7
Pork dumplings served with sweet and spicy sesame sauce.

Traditional soy 
Spicy miso

Poke $16
Tuna , salmon, yellow tail jalapeño 

Fried jumbo shrimp with jalapeño $12
Served over house salad and auroral sauce.